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Lineage OS official versions released

CyanogenMod has been shut down in 2015 and lineage OS is born. The new lineage custom ROM is released. The Lineage OS official version will be from the developers of cyanogen mod and will receive official updates over every version.

The lineage os official ROM will be released for 80 devices at first. The other devices will soon receive the lineage custom ROMs.

lineage os official

How to track Lineage OS Official version Downloads?

In order to get regular updates and downloads of lineage OS official version, you can visit the lineage OS download page. We will soon report all the downloads , whenever it turns online.


What’s in their blog post?

The new blog post over their official website started by thanking the ones who helped them to develop the infrastructure.

They informed that the Lineage OS download portal, installation stats page and Lineage OS wiki page is all alive. Anyone can contribute to that page via Gerrit instance. They also ensure that these pages opened will be growing with content and design soon.

Preference will be given to all Marshmallow and Nougat capable devices. They will list the lineage os downloads for first 80 devices In a Post and the remaining weekly.

Unofficial Lineage OS custom ROMs are trending over the Internet. This includes the Lineage OS from various sources like XDA, GitHub, and other developers. The unofficial custom ROMs for one plus 3 Nexus 6 and many other Android devices Are also on the top.Unofficial Gapps for the same has been also released.

The current lineage os status page shows that there are already 63000 installs Done over the devices. As Lineage OS is an open source platform anyone can contribute to the lineage OS download.

Not shipped –  root baked

They confirmed that the root will be a downloadable zip file which is similar to the Gapps installation.

Official versions with private key

Every official built will be having the private key for the signature permission control and authentication. But this won’t be a problem for the unofficial version

Data migration builds in first weekly releases

The first weekly releases will support data migration which is experimental and this will allow the users to upgrade from cyanogen mod to lineage OS.

This update will be watermark with an ugly banner to prevent the users to continue using the same update. The new update will be out after 2 months and the users should then update to that latest version.

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