Sony Launches the World’s Fastest Memory Card

Sony launches the SF memory card which is claimed to be the world’s fastest Memory card. sony memory card offers a write speed of 299 MB/sec.The cards will be available in the market soon. The cards will be available in 32,64 and 128 GB capacities.

The write speeds of Memory cards used in the digital camera is almost a limiting factor when it takes more time to save your photo.Thus fastest Sony memory card will save your time and allows to take more photos.

sony memory card


  • Writing and reading speed up to 300 MB/S
  • Water Proof
  • MRW-S1 card reader supported
  • Sony  rescue software supported

We are living in the High Definition World where 4K and 8k screens and displays seem to be much popular. Slower Memory Cards always caused problems while watching high definition videos.
watching high definition movies and videos directly from the SD cards was difficult before, but this difficulty is no more. The Sony’s SF-G series of SD card enable faster reading and writing which prevents the problem caused due to the slow memory cards.

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The new memory card completely supports the phone file rescue software. This enables the deleted files in the memory card to be restored. This recovery software works perfectly and is specially designed for this memory card.

This memory card ensures the best performance and because of that Sony expects users to connect to the computer and other sources directly. sony memory card adapter MRW-S1  is specially for this SF-G series memory card. USB 3.1 is used in this device which ensures the best performance.

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This memory cards will be helpful for the one who use digital camera which supports U-ll.Faster recording and writing ensures more freedom while using the memory cards.

The new memory card will be waterproof, shockproof, temperature resistant and X-Ray Proof. The price of the product is not out yet, however, we can expect a price around $80.

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