vpn - virtual private network

What is VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) ?

VPN or Virtual Private Network

VPN or Virtual Private Network enables the users to send, receive or transfer data securely across shared network as if they were connected to a private network.
 The data is securely sent. A virtual point to point connection is established and they use tunneling protocols. The data sent over the network is encrypted and hence it is completely secured.

 Working of a VPN

All the data and traffic are forwarded to the networks and are transferred through the tunneling protocol or secure connections. The devices appear to be on the network thus you may use with another location this enables users to access the Geo-blocked websites and can initiate private browsing without leaving any traces while using public WiFi.

 The protocols used in VPN

 It uses several protocols for the transfer of data securely.
  •  SSL and TLS
 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) uses cryptography. Handshake method of authentication or verification is used for security. They use certificate containing cryptographic keys which are stored both server and clients.
  •  Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
 The data exchange between two websites over Internet is tunneled using this protocol. certificate or shared keys are used for implementing this connection
  • Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
 Point to point tunneling is used to connect a remote client to the private server. it is a tunneling protocol. This type is mainly used and is even included with the Windows operating system.
  •  IP security (IPsec)
IP security is used to improve security. It can either encrypt the data packet as a whole or can encrypt only the message within the data packet.

 Why Is VPN Used?


  •  Access your Home or business network while traveling

Business networks are usually isolated from public Internet and are usually restricted to local sections. These Local networks can be accessed. Similarly, RDP (Remote Desktop protocol) can also be accessed

  • Access Geo-blocked websites
We can access the geo-blocked websites or the ISP blocked websites.
  •  More power over the Internet
VPN help to get around certain services and censorship over the Internet.
  •  More privacy
VPN hides the Browsing activity from ISP for Local Network using connection tunneling . However, some VPN keeps logs on the activities and traffic.

 Advantages and disadvantages of VPN


  •  It is the cheaper way for privacy over network
  •  Provides relative speed and flexibility
  •  Helps in improving security
  •  Easier to implement


  •  Some VPN may keep logs
  •  There is a chance for data packet loss
  •  Some may experience performance issues
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